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Greg Dikmans and-Lucinda Moon

Greg Dikmans

Flute & Artistic Director

Lucinda Moon

Violin & Associate Director

The Elysium Ensemble is an Early Music group from Australia specialising in music from the 17th- and 18th centuries. It has been acclaimed by critics for its elegant performances, fine musicianship and authoritative interpretations of music from the Baroque and Classical periods.

Greg Dikmans and Lucinda Moon have been working together for over 25 years. In this time they have developed a fruitful collaboration built around an approach to historically informed performance practice that is characterised by careful scholarship combined with subtle, tasteful and, above all, unpretentious musicianship.

Baroque Flute Solos

Recorded Live on the Camino de Santiago


“I walked 12.4 kms in the morning on the way to Burgos and was the first of my group to reach San Juan de Ortega. I ate my lunch quickly so I could get some time in the church before we had to head off again.”

”There was no time for thought or preparation — just put the flute together and play. I played for the sheer joy of being in such a wonderful space.”

”I had about 15 minutes of almost complete silence. After that people started talking and making noises in the background. The recorded pieces are the first few I played in the order I played them.”

— Greg Dikmans

Camino-San-Juan-de-Ortega-Church-sq180 Camino-Greg-in-San-Juan-sq-180 Camino-San-Juan-de-Ortega-church-inside-sq-180
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Quantz: Sei Duetti

A recording on period instruments

“The Baroque music connoisseur looking for refined and
expertly crafted performances of neglected musical gems
will find this recording an unalloyed delight.”

International Record Review


In 2014 Elysium Ensemble released its recording of duets by Johann Joachim Quantz (1697–1773). This is the first of a series of recordings as part of its Historical Performance Research Project.

Historically significant and engaging works these six duets for treble instruments exemplify the ‘Art of Elegant Conversation’, displaying high levels of craftsmanship while providing excellent examples of Quantz’s intermediate position as a composer between the Baroque and Classical eras.

Barthold Kuijken Testimonial

Barthold Kuijken

Barthold Kuijken

“I listened with great pleasure to the Quantz duet recording of Greg Dikmans and Lucinda Moon. They made me rediscover these works, that have too often been undervalued as dry and uninteresting compositions.

“I am glad that Greg Dikmans and Lucinda Moon did not take the easy superficial approach, but made the effort to take these light and charming works “seriously” enough and bring out so many different shades of colours.

“Quantz himself recommends playing these pieces with two different instruments in order to do justice to the polyphonic writing, and I am particularly happy hearing them being performed on flute and violin rather than two flutes.

“Thanks, Greg and Lucinda!”

— Barthold Kuijken, Gooik, May 21st 2015

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