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Greg Dikmans playing an Hotteterre flute | Lucinda Moon playing a viola d’amore | Detail of viola d’amore | Detail of flutes: JH Rottenburgh, CA Grenser & J Hotteterre | Photos: Lilian Dikmans (2014)

[New date TBA] 2015 3:00 pm

Joseph Haydn: Divertimenti for flute, violin & cello

Greg Dikmans (flute) & Lucinda Moon (violin) with Hilary Kleinig (cello)

Wyselaskie Auditorium

Centre for Theology & Ministry — 29 College Crescent, Parkville, Victoria, 3052

“Haydn wrote the recipes. Elysium turned them into delectable music.”

“Classicism at its most perfectly formed, and most persuasively performed.”

Review of Elder Hall concert (11 May 2014)



Elysium Ensemble performing Haydn Divertimenti
Elder Hall, 11 May 2014

The elegance, charm and wit of Haydn's six Divertimenti are brought to life with the supple tones and dynamics of period instruments in an intimate setting.

Haydn’s Six Divertimenti were first published in London in 1784 by William Forster, a dealer and violin maker who purchased more than 120 compositions by Haydn. They are chamber works of quality and charm which bear out fully Haydn’s comment that “in instrumental music my pure musical fantasies are usually given free reign”.

The Divertimento (which in Italian means diversion or amusement), along with the Cassation and Serenade, played an important role in the social and musical life of the middle classes in the second half of the 18th-century, particularly in South Germany and Austria.

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MAP and photos of Wyselaski Auditorium

Sunday 2 August 2015 4:00 pm

Dresden and Drama

Greg Dikmans (flute) & Lucinda Moon (violin) with Peter Hagen (harpsichord)

Broadford Salon Concert Series

700 Three Chain Road, Broadford VIC 3658

Veracini, Pisendel and Quantz are performed by the Elysium Ensemble joined here for the first time by Peter Hagen. Full blooded virtuosic music by composers who dedicated their music to Kings and worked in the great courts of Europe is contrasted with moments of refined elegance.

The influence of the Italians upon the musical scene in Dresden is highlighted in this programme of stunning music. The full texture of the violin is explored with much double stopping and fiery displays of rapidity, while the refined and delicate sound of the baroque flute is extended into rapid passagi and extraordinary virtuosic displays.


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